Mopar® offers its customers a wide range of accessories that are tailor made for FIAT vehicles.

Mopar® PARTS

FIAT original spare parts are the ideal solution for the care and maintenance of your car, because they comply exactly with the original technical specifications.The perfect outside appearance, the high aerodynamic performance and the structural characteristics of body original spare parts ensure optimum integration for your safety.

The purpose of a filter is to capture and retain impurities, whether solid, liquid or gaseous. Keeping a constant check on the efficiency of your car’s filter systems increases its working life and on-board safety. Depending on application, filters provide various types of protection and benefits for passengers, the vehicle itself and the environment.

Cabin Filter
This cleans the air that enters the car through the ducts of the heating or climate control system. It offers active protection against pollen, particulate matter and other pollutants.

Air Filter
This protects the car’s engine against airborne dust, preventing contamination of the combustion process.

Oil Filter
This cleans the engine oil In a continuous cycle, trapping all the impurIties produced by the wear of moving parts as well as solid particles and the residues of combustion.

Diesel Filter
This traps solid or liquid impurities in the fuel in order to improve its quality and ensure optimum engine performance.

Spark Plugs

In petrol engines, the spark plugs start the combustion phase, creating the spark which ignites the air/fuel mix. FIAT spark plugs guarantee lower fuel consumption and emissions thanks to perfectly efficient combustion - as well as better performance, excellent driving comfort and engine flexibility.

Difficult ignitions, uneven engine performance, power loss and increased fuel consumption can all be signs of a need to check the spark plugs. Perfectly functioning spark plugs play an important part in optimising engine performance and catalytic converter efficiency.

Brake pads and discs are the main elements of the braking system. An essential pair of components tried and tested on every vehicle, for optimum response durIng both ordinary and emergency braking.

Brake Discs
Original brake discs are comprehensively checked and balanced with maximum precision, ensuring the complete absence of troublesome vibrations, decreasing braking distances and guaranteeing long-lasting safety and reliability. Each individual component is marked with a code to ensure the total traceability of the product.

Brake Pads
The brake pads (one pair per disc) are part of a calliper system which, during braking, exerts pressure on the disc, creating the friction required to slow down or stop the vehicle.

Brake pads and discs are the main elements of the braking system. An essential pair of components tried and tested on every vehicle, for optimum response during both ordinary and emergency braking.

Shock absorbers are the heart of your vehicle’s suspension system. They absorb the effects of uneven surfaces, reduce vibration and keep the tyres in constant contact wIth the road under all driving conditions. Stability and safety therefore depend on them.

Shock absorbers control the movement of the springs, damping rapid compression and rebound movements. They also prevent the tyres from losing contact with the road surface, which could lead to aquaplaning and extended stopping distances as well as irregular tyre wear.

Vehicles in the more prestigious market segments are fitted with electronically controlled shock absorbers and a dedicated ECU.

The term timing gear defines the set of mechanical components (camshaft, tappets, rods
and rockers) that allow intake and exhaust valve opening and closure so that air, fuel and
exhaust gases can pass through, based on the timing diagram.

The movement of the camshaft, usually fitted in the cylinder head or in a cylinder head
extension secured to the cylinder head, is achieved by means of connection to the
crankshaft via a rubber toothed belt or via a chain.

Specifications shown here may differ from markets. Please check with your local dealers.
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